Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Funnel Cloud (Perhaps Tornado?) Near Delaware Beaches On Sunday

Sunday afternoon featured some pop up thunderstorms along the Delaware Beaches, one of which produced a funnel cloud that may have touched down near the town of Millville.  Here's a video of the funnel cloud as it spun near the Delaware Beaches just after 1 PM.

Some damage was reported to one business at a shopping center down there.

Radar, below, shows the storms confined largely to coastal sections of Sussex County -- with the back edge of the storm producing the funnel as it reached Indian River Bay (which is the body of water to the west of the ocean in coastal Sussex County).

The funnel was reported by law enforcement to the National Weather Service but at the time no damage had been reported.

Given the report of damage, will be interesting to see if the National Weather Service looks into this. Given it happened two days ago and any damage has probably been cleaned up, it might be a bit unlikely to get a true determination if the damage was associated with the funnel or with straight line/downburst winds.  We'll update you if we hear anything.

...and, 35 minutes later, the update via Gary Szatkowski at the National Weather Service.