Monday, September 02, 2013

Heavy Thunder, Some Flooding, Some Gusty Winds Today

Thunderstorms over the city and South Jersey are dropping copious rains and the possibility of damaging winds in various locations. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are out until 11:30 (South Jersey) and 11:45 (City, Lower Bucks, east of 611 parts of Montco), with Flash Flood Warnings out until 1:45 in the green shaded box below.

Here's the deal with today -- storms will be slow-moving, scattered, and capable of producing prolific rainfall. It's very humid out, both at the surface and aloft, and that moisture-rich atmosphere combined with weak ripples of energy in the atmosphere are triggering thunderstorms to fire up in spots. Not everyone gets wet, some get multiple rounds of thunder.  Predicting the specifics on what/when/where are tough to do given the slow and relatively erratic movement with storms. Notice the storm warnings above -- one warning is for a storm moving northeast, the South Jersey storm is generally moving east.  The common theme is slow movement and heavy rain in any storms that develop through the course of the day.

You will have breaks in the storms -- and perhaps even some sunshine at times. However, the risk for thunder will exist through the day throughout the region. If you are having outdoor activities at your place today, you can try to go ahead with them but be forewarned that you may be going inside at short notice for very heavy downpours that may pop up with little warning.

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