Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Humidity's Gonna Knock The Comfy Weather Out

After days of comfortable weather, a three day surge of summer will kick into the region. Higher humidity and gradually higher temperatures will work into the region. A warm front is pushing northeast -- you can feel the difference in humidity around the region this morning, as well as the warmer temperatures compared to yesterday morning.

Clouds in place now will gradually thin out, leaving us a hazy and murky afternoon with a bit of a breeze from the southwest. Temperatures will jump a fair amount in the afternoon hours on the heels of sunshine breaking out over the region.

Expect afternoon highs in the mid 80's for many locations, perhaps flirting with the upper 80's along and south of I-95. How warm we get is sunshine dependent but odds favor sun moving in after 10 AM, which should yield us enough time to make our run into the upper 80's. Even warmer temperatures are in store for the region on Wednesday.