Monday, September 16, 2013

Ingrid Makes Landfall In Mexico This Morning

Ingrid continues to make a westward and west-southwestward movement through the Gulf of Mexico making landfall in Mexico a couple of hundred miles south of Brownsville. Mexico has been hard hit by heavy rainfall from the combination of Ingrid and Manuel, a tropical storm that developed on the Pacific side from the same tropical weakness in the atmosphere. The flooding from these two systems has killed 21 as of early this morning and forced the evacuation of thousands from their homes.

Ingrid is the stronger of the two systems from a wind standpoint but the moisture is what has been the bigger player, with Manuel soaking the Pacific coastline of Mexico while Ingrid takes on Mexico from the Gulf of Mexico side.  Manuel has weakened since moving ashore in southwestern Mexico on Sunday but its rainfall and its tropical moisture continue to plague western and southwestern parts of the nation.

Ingrid's moisture will continue to stream inland over the next day or two as the center of the storm moves ashore just north of Tampico. Some parts of inland Mexico, especially near the mountainous parts of the country to the west of the Gulf coast and along the Sierra Madre del Sur (the mountains along the Pacific coast of Mexico) could pick up 25 inches of rain before it's all said and done with these systems.

Elsewhere in the tropics, Humberto continues to spin in the Central Atlantic. It had lost its tropical characteristics over the weekend due to strong wind shear and dry air aloft but has continued to maintain thunderstorm activity, which has generally increased in coverage near the center of the storm. It will not impact the US in any way as it will turn to the north in response to a cool front pushing east through the Atlantic. It could strengthen a bit but it's staying far, far east of the US.