Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mild Day, Rainy Night

Rain and thunder will approach the region later today, spreading in from the west during the dinner hour as depicted above. With southerly breezes, warmth and a bit more humidity will continue to work through the region. Dew points probably nudge above 60 for a chunk of the day so it might feel humid at times.

Clouds increase after some sunshine this morning. Showers and storms increase in coverage after 4 PM west of the city, after 6 PM in the city, and after 8 at the Shore.  Some rain will be heavy on Saturday night as a cool front moves on through.

Highs today reach the upper 70's for Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Jersey. It would not shock if some spots flirted with 80 by day's end across Jersey and Delaware. North and west should get into the mid and upper 70's.