Thursday, September 19, 2013

Phillies Gamecast

The last series at home for the 2013 season as the Phils will finish the last week of an ugly season on the road. The good news? Weather on Friday will be great...and Sunday afternoon should be ok as well.  The bad news, besides the team's record? Saturday night may have a heightened risk of rain as modeling has trended in a wetter direction compared to the past couple of days...bring the umbrella with you just to be safe.

Temperatures for each of the games start in the 70's, mildest on Friday night, dropping to around 70 late for the night games on Friday and Saturday. Winds will be light on Friday and Saturday, a bit breezier on Sunday as winds veer to the west and northwest.

Phillies Gamecasts will be updated throughout the course of the season (or at least whenever possible), featuring the forecast for the game at first pitch and for the 7th inning.   Gamecasts are also available here.