Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Recapping A Relatively Cool August & Relatively Warm Summer

August ended up two degrees below average -- cool by standards of past years (and in fact, equals our coolest August since 2000 as 2008 was also two degrees below average), buoyed in large part by some rather cool afternoons. Daily high temperatures in August averaged out to 81.96 degrees, nearly 3.5 degrees below what's considered average. However, nighttime lows were just 0.64 degrees below average for the month (67.29 vs. 67.93).  We had some comfy nights at times...and plenty of comfy days, but we did end up a good bit closer to average thanks to a warmer and more humid latter ten days of the month.

Like the last two months, it was also rather rainy -- nearly six inches of rain in August in Philadelphia.  For the summer, we ended up with 29.71" of rain -- rainiest of all time, officially and unofficially as we bested the 1867 gold standard by over a half inch.

Besides our flirtation of six inches of rain, Allentown ended up with the fourth most rain in the month of August on record with over ten inches of rain. However, Reading (just 30 miles away) ended up with just over four inches of rain and has less rain so far this year than Philadelphia picked up between June and August.

Nationally, the eastern half of the country, back into Missouri and the South, experienced cooler than average temperatures. Coolest to average occurred across the Mid South and Missouri, along with the Piedmont of the Carolinas...whereas the warmest to average occurred in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Locally for us, August is the third month this year that was below average.

Summer 2013 also closed from a meteorological standpoint on Saturday -- the average temperature of 76.6 was 1.2 degrees above average, but the coolest summer we have had since 2009. Over the last 20 years, it is "only" the ninth coolest summer we've had as well and comes in right near the '93-'12 20 year average, which shows the amount of warm years we've had over the last couple of decades around here.  At least it wasn't along the lines of the uber warmth of the last couple of summers!