Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 30th, 2013 Forecast

Tonight's weather will be very similar to last night's.  Skies will be mostly clear and temperatures will drop quickly once the sun sets.  Lows will bottom out in the 40s in the coolest suburbs and in the mid 50s closer to the city.

Monday will begin with bright sun but a few clouds will bubble up during the afternoon.  Highs will be near 75 in Philadelphia and in the low 70s in the suburbs.

The first week of October looks warm with highs of 80 or above for at least 3 days.  The warmest day appears to be Wednesday, but even through Friday we're near 80.  A cold front will approach from the west this weekend, but it is still hard to pinpoint the timing as the models disagree on it.  For now, we'll call most of the weekend dry with showers arriving late on Sunday.  A tropical system may try to develop to our south, and if this interacts with the cold front, heavy rain is certainly possible.  We'll keep an eye on it for you.
Monday Planner

7 AM 54 degrees, Cool & Bright

Noon 68 degrees, Few Clouds

5 PM high 74 degrees, Pleasant

Sunrise 6:56 AM
Sunset 6:45 PM