Saturday, September 07, 2013

Super Saturday Ahead

Another cool start in the region this morning -- cooler for many compared to yesterday as with clear skies around, temperatures have had plenty of opportunity to chill overnight.  Temperatures are in the 40's and 50's in many spots, which means it's crisp out as we get the day going. However, with a sunny day on tap we should be able to quickly recover and have a rather awesome, stupendous, rockin' Saturday of weather.

Sunshine dominates for the vast majority of the day. Some high clouds spread into the region during the afternoon hours due to a combination of warmth pushing in aloft as well as an approaching cool front that begins to dip down into Upstate New York tonight. If anything, it probably sets up a really nice sunset as I don't think the high clouds completely shroud the sky later on.

Highs today get into the upper 70's in most places...there could be one or two spots that touch 80 by day's end but I think it's a "70's show" type day again for the vast majority of us. Winds will be light, sunshine plentiful.