Thursday, September 19, 2013

Warming Up A Notch

Another cool...but not as cool as yesterday morning...start in the region. Temperatures are a few degrees milder outside this morning -- generally in the 40's again, with low and mid 50's in the city. Another nice day is on tap for the Delaware Valley today as sunshine dominates most of the weather picture, with perhaps a few cirrus or cumulus clouds darting across the sky later on today.

It will be a bit warmer than the past couple of days -- high pressure remains in control but its cool influence is moderating, with milder air working in aloft and at the surface. Temperatures will reflect that moderating trend as we warm a bit each of the next couple of afternoons. Expect mid and upper 70's in most places this afternoon. Winds will be light from the south and southwest at 6-12 miles per hour.

The nice weather regime will continue on Friday, with slightly warmer afternoon temperatures compared to today as well.