Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weather Rewind -- September 8-14, 2013

Last week featured a pretty significant yo-yo of temperatures, but one that ended up with Philadelphia averaging 2.3 degrees above average overall by the time we got through Saturday. The season's likely last 90 degree day occurred on Wednesday, with a sweat-inducing 94 degree high and even high heat index values thanks to tropical dewpoints. Just 72 hours later?  How about mid 60's and variably cloudy skies in what was the coolest day in the region since late May.

Welcome to Fall -- two steps back, an occasion step up, but the trend is eventually towards cooler.

Rainfall for the week was modest in Philadelphia -- just 0.20" -- but some spots picked up a couple of inches of rain across Central New Jersey and parts of the Lehigh Valley. Other locations picked up in the half inch to three-quarters of an inch department, mostly on Thursday with thunderstorms in advance of the front that moved through.

With the midway point of September hitting us today, a look at the region's temperatures so far seems like it'd be reasonable. The graphic below does not account for Saturday's very cool temperatures so it is skewed a bit milder than reality. That said, temperatures are above average for the Delaware Valley by a degree or two, depending on location. Philadelphia is 0.9 degrees above average, with most everyone in the general half to two degree above average range through mid-month. Lots of variety overall, especially in light of temperatures bouncing from 94 to 66 in a 72 hour window, but a rather "typical" month overall.