Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wet Times In New Mexico

Prolific rains due to a combination of upslope lifting and a moist atmosphere lead to ark-busting and record setting rainfall across parts of Colorado last week. Nine inches of rain fell in a 24 hour period in Boulder, Colorado...and they weren't the only ones that dealt with epic amounts of rain last week.

New Mexico shared in on the floods as well, due to the same pattern in place that deluged Colorado.

Rains in Colorado and New Mexico totaled several inches last week, significantly above average for any time of the year and, in some places, enough to set records for most rainfall in a day or week. Graphic source: NWS.

Flooding in New Mexico lead to fatalities and damage, with rains falling in an area that had been drought-ravaged in recent years and in some places due to fires in past years, with areas very susceptible to mudslides due to burn scars on the landscape as vegetation had not fully returned.

One picture of damage from New Mexico flooding. Photo from Las Cruces Sun-News
Albuquerque has set a record for wettest September on record just two weeks in, picking up over three inches of rain at the Airport and over four inches of rain in other parts of the city. Some parts of New Mexico have picked up ten inches of rain in just the past week according to the Associated Press.

This wet pattern in the West is breaking down as high pressure gradually noses into control over the Southwest, which should give these places a bit of a break for the balance of the week.