Sunday, October 06, 2013

A Slight Step Back

Weather coverage will be flowing this week like usual -- daycasts each morning and forecasts each afternoon for tonight and the next day. I'll also have some nuggets of information that will post out as well. However, it is time for my annual vacation so there will be some pause in the usual hyperactive amounts of information we throw out there via social media.

Like last year, my departure will coincide with a storm. Unlike last year, it will not be as bad as what we had shove through here (Sandy) while I was in the tropics. I guess I know how to pick vacations and times to "escape" Philadelphia?

The week ahead, once we get Monday's cold front and tropically enhanced rain, should pan out to be pretty nice on the whole.

We will tweet, occasionally...and use Facebook, occasionally...but we will not breaking every single advisory and warning over those venues through the coming days.  If you ask us a question via social media, the odds of a response will be pretty low over the next week.

It's a self-inflicted "slowdown" of our own...not forced upon by government inaction but by vacation.

My weather-related reading while away is on the NESIS scale.

I'll be back a week from Monday.