Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Step Cooler On Temperatures For A Day Or Two

In the wake of yesterday's 60's, a cool front slid through the region late in the day and brought a slightly cooler airmass into the region for a couple of days. Today and tomorrow will be a step back in temperature before we warm on Thursday out ahead of a storm system.

In terms of overall weather today, it will be a pretty nice day but one that features a mix of clouds and sun overall. A mix of stratus (morning hours) and mid and high level clouds (afternoon) will keep us from being fully bright and blue in the sky cover department, although there could be some sunnier periods in the course of the day. With north and northeast breezes nudging through the region over the course of the day, temperatures will be a few degrees cooler for highs today.

Expect mid (north) and upper (everywhere else) 50's for highs this afternoon. We could flirt with 60 in Millville and Dover and points south of there, but most everyone else should be a few degrees cooler today than yesterday thanks to the northeast breeze and few extra clouds around.