Friday, October 25, 2013

Another Brisk Day With A Bit More Sun

The coldest morning of the cold season so far has brought a pretty decent blanket of frost to most of the region -- the city one notable exception -- but temperatures are a few degrees colder out the door than yesterday (most everyone is below 40, many near freezing). We'll probably see similar amounts of sun, perhaps a bit more, than yesterday.  Winds will be similar (12-18 mph, gusts into the 20's) to yesterday as well.

The cool regime continues thanks to a cold trough over the eastern half of North America, which is funneling northwest winds on down into the Lakes, with west winds overhead.  Thanksgiving-like weather will continue for a couple of more days before relaxing next week.  Until then, we'll keep the chill going.

Highs today range from 50-55 through the region, warmest along I-95 and south.   Lows tonight will be similar to last night, perhaps a degree or two above what we bottomed out at.