Saturday, October 05, 2013

Fall Color Starting To Appear

Fall color is starting to appear on trees around the region -- and in some locations, trees aren't keeping leaves for very long before browning and dropping. We've had a relatively dry run of things the past few weeks and that is helping to increase some leaf drop around the region and, in the case of the gum tree in my front yard, leading to an early change in color and some vivid yellows and oranges before leaves drop about ten days earlier than usual. My tree is a mere anecdote and not the trend for all but for my location in the northwest burbs, we have been a bit drier than normal the past couple of months, which has resulted in some tree stress for some trees.

Updated fall color levels through the region -- as of 10/2/13.

Leaf color is still about two to three weeks away from peak around here -- we typically see the most vivid color around here in the last ten days of October. The Lehigh Valley typically peaks around mid month. At the current pace of color change and the projected temperature pattern, we may be a few days later than average with those changes around here.

The rains from Karen will help -- some -- with color. If anything, it will prevent the quick brown out that some trees are experiencing and should help salvage a decent color change in your trees.  Ideally, we would have seen a bit more least on a steady but not terribly heavy basis...through the month of September. Since we really didn't, especially to the city's west and northwest, we are seeing some of that leaf drop and browning take place.