Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Final Rainfall Totals From Last Week's Coastal

Philly's final two-plus day tally from the coastal storm ended up just over two inches of rain. It wasn't the highest total in the region, certainly not the highest by quite a bit as Delaware's southern two-thirds tended to be soaked more proficiently than the northern half of the region did.

Rainfall ranged from less than an inch of rain north of I-195 in New Jersey to between one and two inches around Trenton and Bucks County to over two inches along Route 422, with higher totals as one progressed west and south.

Our totals weren't even the highest in the region!  The golden rain bucket went to Goldsboro in York County (South Central Pennsylvania) with 12.70" (final tally) of rain. Doppler rainfall estimates suggested the possibility of ten inches or more of rain in Central Pennsylvania (see graphic below), with several locations in Dauphin, Cumberland, and York Counties verifying those lofty estimates.  Heavy rainfall was common from Central Pennsylvania south to the Outer Banks thanks to the impact and slow movement of last week's coastal storm event.

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