Friday, October 18, 2013

Fumbling Towards October

The humidity of last night is pushing out of here as a cool front moved through the region late last night. This front will mark the beginnings of a slow step down in temperature that will take several days to fully take hold as a family of fronts push through over the next five days.  The good news about today is that the first front will not only lower humidity levels but it will bring about a sunnier result.

Expect mostly sunny skies in the region as a west to west-northwest breeze at 7-14 mph ushers in cooler, less humid air into the region. Winds will probably gust higher than this through the morning hours...earlier last night, winds gusted to 31 mph at the Airport.  High temperatures in the mid and upper 60's will feel a couple of degrees cooler as dewpoint values drop into the 30's and 40's...a far cry from the 60 to 65 degree dewpoints of yesterday!