Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mild Before The Chill Moves In

A cool front will push east through the region today with no precipitation associated with it, just a band of clouds in its wake. This front will reach the coast and energy along it will spawn an area of low pressure that pushes northeast for early Wednesday with a brief period of rain that may push as far northwest as the city or just northwest of I-95 but will bring greater impact to Jersey and Delaware.  That's tomorrow's concern -- one we will discuss a bit more later on.

For today, a band or two of clouds will move through and winds will shift around to the west with the passage of the front. The afternoon will be a bit breezy and temperatures probably nudge back a few degrees by dinner from early afternoon highs in the mid and upper 60's through the region. It will be a nice day overall but the front's passage will signal yet another shot of cool, one that entrenches itself and will be crisper than any of the other shots of cool air that have pushed through so far this autumn. Wednesday will be a good bit cooler as we struggle to get much above 50-55 throughout the Delaware Valley.