Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mild, Murky Midweek

Skies are mainly cloudy this morning as moisture has pushed northwest off of the ocean and into the Delaware Valley. There's even some patchy drizzle about in some locations as well as temperatures are generally in the 50's in the Delaware Valley as we start Wednesday. This push of moisture is a part of an advection of warmer air that's coming up from the south as high pressure to our north slowly retreats.

The result is that today will end up warmer than yesterday as temperatures get into the mid 70's before day's end in most places. The wildcard would be in the Lehigh Valley and points north, which could struggle a bit with warming if clouds hold longer. Skies will generally be mostly cloudy through the region but we should brighten up a bit this afternoon as some of the low clouds lift. Best chance of this will be in the city and points south.

The Shore may also struggle, thanks to onshore flow and those clouds, to get to 70 degrees by day's end. They will come close though.