Monday, October 28, 2013

One Year Ago This Afternoon

Sandy's approach to the Delaware Valley was largely "known" by October 25th and 26th, with most guidance suggesting impact across our region. What had not been completely settled was where the storm's center was going to come ashore -- modeling was still varying in specific landfall points...but that was immaterial given the size of the storm. By Saturday and Sunday, most modeling was suggesting a South Jersey landfall point for the storm as it continued north and then northwest towards us.

Sunday afternoon (which was the 28th), the local National Weather Service office released this powerful statement that underscored the impact of what was coming in.

Sandy was still about 24 hours away from its maximum fury being felt across the area. However, a year ago today the first bands of the storm were pushing in from the east in advance of the storm, despite the center of Sandy still being east of the Carolina coastline.

Here's another image of Sandy from Sunday morning as it spun northeast through the Atlantic. The size of the storm is remarkable already at this point -- covering real estate from Maine to just north of the Bahamas, from the Carolinas east to Bermuda.  The storm would only grow in size over the next 24 hours before it made landfall...but Sunday (one year ago) marked that final day of preparation for many along the East Coast as Sandy approached.