Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pennsylvania's First Snowfall In The Mountains Yesterday

As we prep for the coldest night of the Fall so far tonight, how about a couple of shots of snow that fell yesterday in Pennsylvania! Snow didn't accumulate much through the higher elevations of Central and Western Pennsylvania, with an inch of snow accumulating at Laurel Summit according to the National Weather Service.

Higher elevations, especially 2000 feet and higher, were getting in on some of the light snow flying yesterday morning as temperatures hovered near or just above freezing.

Via NWS State College -- snow at Seven Springs Resort in Southwestern PA.

Routes 219 and 56 in Johnstown had flakes flying.
Accumulations were coating type, at best, with some inch totals on higher summits...but it is a clear sign that the cold season is starting to crank up. With some lake effect showers of rain and snow pushing across the higher elevations of Western and Central Pennsylvania over the next day or so, the potential does exist for accumulations on grassy surfaces of up to a couple of inches.

So, yeah, the cold season is starting. It'll be a while for snow flies locally...but a few hours' drive will bring you up close and personal to it.