Friday, October 18, 2013

Step Front Down #2 In Works Tomorrow Night

The pattern we're entering features a three step of fronts, with the first of those three having worked through last night with the brief shot of rain and wind that accompanied it. The second of these shots is modeled to work through in the overnight hours tomorrow night with another shot of light showers with it.

There should not be much in the way of precipitation with the front as it crosses the region -- the NAM (below) is probably the most aggressive in painting showers through the region. Other modeling (GFS, Euro) are a good bit drier in terms of how much precipitation is expected to fall. In general, it looks like a few hundredths of an inch, perhaps a tenth, at most in the city.

What this second front does is, like yesterday's front, cool us down a few more degrees in temperature. We go from mid 60's today to upper 60's tomorrow (a couple of degrees warmer) back to the lower and middle 60's (coolest north) on Sunday with some breezy conditions (like today).  We will rinse and repeat on Monday (slightly milder) before a third front approaches on Tuesday.  That third front will set us up with the coolest days of the upcoming pattern so far for Wednesday through Friday as highs probably don't break 60.