Thursday, October 31, 2013

Warm, Breezy, Dare I Say Muggy

A storm system's approach to our region is going to provide a push of warmth and extra mugginess tomorrow. While we may not see a ton of sunshine tomorrow, a warm front will lift far enough north to bring warmer conditions to the Delaware Valley.

Not to mention higher dew points -- we could see them push north of 60 tomorrow, reminding you of what humidity is.

We've nudged temperatures around a bit tomorrow -- I'm a bit more aggressive on temperatures for Philly and points south, reflective of the fact we will have a nice push of warmth aloft and at the surface as winds increase through the afternoon hours. North of the city will have a tougher time warming as much but should get into the 60's rather easily.  The question turns to just "how warm" we get -- we're projecting mid 60's in Allentown, upper 60's along the PA Turnpike, with around or just above 70 for everyone else.  If we don't get enough brightening temperatures could be a few degrees cooler. That said, the push of warmth is pretty solid and should do enough to nudge us pretty close to these points.

A few showers are possible north and west of Route 222 during the day but odds are the vast, vast majority of the region is dry until late tonight when the shield of rain and some thunder approaches.