Monday, October 14, 2013

Weather Rewind -- October 6-12, 2013

Temperatures last week averaged out to 4.6 degrees above average -- thanks largely to the impact of Sunday and Monday getting to 80 and above.  Sunday was an intriguing study of contrasts -- fog shrouded the New York area (I was departing on my cruise to Bermuda and you couldn't see across the harbor from Bayonne) while Philadelphia jumped into the mid 80's during the afternoon hours once that morning fog burned off.

Monday's squall didn't produce a ton of rain in the city -- it did produce some wind damage and gusts to 60 mph in Berks County and a tornado touchdown in North Jersey as it swept through the region.

Of course, we also know about the rainy impacts from the coastal storm that moved through on Wednesday (south), Thursday, and Friday -- some spots picked up several inches of rain from the storm.  Wednesday and Thursday provided the coolest days of the week -- highs just barely above 60 but overall average temperatures barely below average as nighttime lows stayed up thanks to clouds and precipitation.

Through yesterday, we're running seven degrees above average for the month in Philly on temperature.