Sunday, October 06, 2013

Weather Rewind -- September 29th-October 5th, 2013

Temperatures over the past week were rather August-like in the latter half, averaging over ten degrees above average for the first five days of October and 8.4 degrees above average for the whole of the week, thanks to a near normal Sunday and Monday (the only days in the last week to not get to 80 degrees).

We flirted with a record high on Friday in Philadelphia (86) and set one in Trenton (also 86, besting the record of 85 from 2007), with both Friday and Saturday the warmest days of the week in the city.

In terms of rainfall, we picked up just 0.01" of rain from a pre-dawn line of showers and storms that rambled through parts of the region overnight Friday into Saturday. There were a few showers around on Friday and again on Saturday, but these were few and far between in coverage...with the balance of the week rather dry overall as a dry and increasingly warm pattern took over.  In fact, rainfall over the past 30 days (since September 5th) is running in the 25 to 50 percent of normal department as we've only seen rainfall occur on seven of the last 30 days...two of which were bookends to a multi-day event.  Philadelphia's only picked up 1.37" of rain since the Labor Day soakfest.  Allentown has picked up 1.36" and Atlantic City just 0.61".