Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Wutip Hits Vietnam

I was about thisclose to throwing all sorts of weather punnery at the expense of the Wu-Tang Clan is in arguably the cheesiest thing I would have put out in eight plus years as the Western Pacific provides the most original and unique cyclone names on Earth. I'm not saying it out of insensitivity...there's just so much creative potential from the various names that are provided on the storm name list that sometimes they make for interesting and creative headlines.

Enter Wutip. Wutip is one of the storm names provided by Macau and means butterfly. It also was a potent typhoon that made landfall early yesterday in Vietnam, sporting winds that exceeded 100 mph at landfall. This would be Vietnam's strongest typhoon of the year and strongest since Son-Tinh hit far northern Vietnam last October.

Wutip passed near Hainan (the island just south of China) on Sunday, with its passage through the South China Sea leading to the capsizing of three fishing boats, with dozens apparently missing. Wutip intensified in its approach towards land after going through an eyewall replacement cycle, with the storm hitting its peak intensity right before Monday morning's landfall.

Power outages occurred and trees were uprooted from the storm, with damage to at least 1000 homes reported.