Friday, November 29, 2013

A Below Average November Again

November 2013 will end up below average for the second consecutive year although the current monthly average (46.7 through Wednesday) will probably end up just a bit above last year's 44.2.  Last year was the coolest November since 1996...this probably will end up coming in pretty close to 2008's mark for temperature as yesterday through Saturday will provide a little additional chill to push the departures further below normal.

November hasn't been consistently cold -- the month started rather toasty before entering a period of yo-yo through the month. We've alternated between rather cold shots and milder intervals, with the mild stretches much shorter in duration compared to the colder weather...however, no stretch of below average until our current stretch has been longer than five days this month.

Despite a cooler than normal November, it does not necessarily yield a colder nor snowier winter overall. Despite the coldest November in 15 years last year, we ended up with a rather mild winter to average (38.2 degrees for the December to February period).  One of the milder Novembers, 2009, ended up producing the snowiest winter on record.

The most interesting stat out of all of this is that November ends up being the fifth month of 2013 where temperatures end up below average...and the third month in the last four. 2013 will likely end up the coldest year since 2009 in Philadelphia once all is said and done.