Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Chilled Turkey

Tuesday and yesterday's storm system leaves a windy reminder across the region today as it has pushed into Canada this morning. In its wake, west and northwest winds will blow downwind from the Great Lakes, bringing dying lake effect bands of clouds. If you're in the Poconos today, some flurries and some wind-whipped flakes could fly but no accumulations are expected. The only snows today should occur in the "usual suspect" lake effect areas farther north and west from the region.

Nonetheless, it will be a cold, blustery day with a sunshine and cloud mix...more clouds as one progresses north and fewer clouds to the south of town.

Highs today in the city get into the mid and upper 30's (37 or so), with mid 30's the rule north and upper 30's south. With west and northwest winds hitting 20 miles per hour or gusting higher than that, it will feel several degrees colder outside today. Dress warm if you are heading to the parade in Philly or any local high school football games as another taste of winter has accompanied the region!