Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another Chilled Day Ahead

For many, skies were clear overnight last night and that allowed temperatures to drop into the teens and 20's through the region on yet another January-like morning in the end of November. Today will feature a relatively tranquil but chilled scene as skies generally trend mostly cloudy over the course of the day. We should see a bit more sun on the front end before clouds sneak in from the south and west later on.

Temperatures will get to near 40 in Philadelphia and south, while only getting to the mid and upper 30's to the north and west of the city for a high. Winds will be light, so added chill shouldn't be an issue, but it will still be another below average and brisk day in the Delaware Valley.

As we move into Sunday, skies will likely end up mostly cloudy. There could be some drizzle at the coast as moisture begins to nudge back into the region but the odds are that most of us end up pretty dry.