Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Becoming Soggy For Many, Slippery For A While In Poconos

The incoming coastal storm will bring a myriad of precipitation types for mountainous areas to our west and northwest, with sleet and snow transitioning to icy rain and then eventually to non-icy rain as temperatures hover around 32 and then slowly transition above that later tonight. Winter Weather Advisories are out for the Poconos starting this morning and are out for the Lehigh Valley and Berks County starting at Noon today. The advisories in Berks, Lehigh, and Northampton are generally for the northern halves of the county where temperatures will be closest to 32 and icy rain or sleet may fall for a bit later this afternoon.

While we could see a few sleet pellets or snow flakes on the front end of the storm here in the city and immediate suburbs, the lion's share of the event later today and tonight will be rain. That rain will be heavy at times tonight and early Wednesday.

I'm not very optimistic temperatures climb much during the daylight hours as clouds hold tight through the course of the day. With a dry atmosphere in place as precipitation starts, I also think temperatures nudge back a little bit on the front end of the event. Philly may get to 40 for a time before slipping back a couple of degrees in the afternoon as rain starts.  Temperatures will be warmest at the Shore, getting to the upper 40's before dinner.

Temperatures will warm quite a bit overnight for the Philly metro and points southeast, with low 60's possible by tomorrow morning if the track of low pressure does indeed move west of the city.