Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Charting Out Your Responses For This Winter's Snowfall

Thanks everyone for their responses to our survey from last Friday, asking what you thought would fall for snowfall at the Airport this winter. This is my data and stat geek side kicking in this morning as I spit out more information than Cliff Claven at a Boston bar.

First off, the average of all the responses was 21.8" -- which is the dead on climate average for Philadelphia. We can't do any more "normal" than that. Congrats to us for being normal!

The "bell curve" this winter is a relatively simple and spiky one -- 68 of 85 (80 percent) of the respondents predicted between ten and thirty inches of snow. Only three predicted more than 40".  Our golden snow shovel prediction is 75", with the lowest of the low coming in at just two. Nobody went for a repeat of 1972-73 (trace) at the Airport but seven of you are hedging on the possibility of getting less than ten inches of snow for the third straight winter, which hasn't happened since the early 1930's.

Breaking down the teens and twenties, which were the most numerous snowfall buckets -- 13 responses were between 10.0 and 14.9 inches, with 19 responses suggesting between 15.0 and 19.9. Within the twenties, the split was even (18 between 20.0 and 24.9, 18 between 25.0 and 29.9).

In terms of quantity, the most common responses were 14.6, 22.0, and 23.0 (three of each).