Sunday, November 03, 2013

Chilly and Blustery

 The warm weather of the past two days is gone and the cold is back!  A strong shortwave at mid-levels of the atmosphere is currently moving through the area and ushering in cold and blustery conditions.  Lots of clouds and even a few light showers are occurring as this system plows.  There will be more clouds and sun to start with a decrease through the afternoon.

Winds will be gusty through the day, reaching over 25 mph at times, especially late morning into early afternoon.  With cold advection dominating all day, don't expect temperatures to rise much.  It fact, they may just rise a few degrees from where they are as of 7am.  It will stay in the 40's north and west of the city, while around 50 or a degree or two higher in the city and points south and east.

This cold air won't last long as temperatures will moderate quickly by Tuesday and we'll see warmer air for the middle and later portion of the week.  In fact, expect a good portion of this month to be warmer than average.