Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coldest Day Since Late March

The last time Philadelphia failed to break 40 for a high was on March 25th (high of 39 that day with 1.1" of snow falling). It's been a while since we've not seen 40 degrees during the course of 24 hours. While yesterday had 50's in the pre-dawn hours, we spent most of the daylight hours in the 30's in Philadelphia thanks to a biting northerly wind that brought in some December chill a bit early.

That chill is around in full effect today but with more sunshine.  Expect mainly sunny skies and that north wind blowing through the Delaware Valley over the course of the day. Temperatures will struggle to hit 40 in Philadelphia and points south. While the forecast officially is for low 40's in the city (41 is our call), it is quite possible we avoid it as the drain of cold air through the day provides a tough hill to climb for temperatures.  Wind chill values will be several degrees lower as winds gust to over 25 miles per hour through the day, highest values this morning.

At least there will be sunshine. That'll be the only saving grace on a cold day.