Saturday, November 16, 2013

Damp Start Turns Brighter

The early bit of damp, showery weather around the region this morning will not last too much longer as a weak disturbance in the atmosphere pushes on through. We expect that while most of the day will feature a mostly cloudy sky, we should see some sunshine to our north and northwest for a time around midday and into the afternoon hours. Above I-78, we could even go mostly sunny.  South of the city, skies may remain cloudy for much of the day.

Regarding temperatures, it's a bit tricky because we do anticipate at least *some* sunshine in parts of the region.  We wouldn't be shocked if temperatures got above 60 in a few locations, with 50's where clouds hold serve the longest. We're projecting the city and northwest get to around 60 by day's end, with 50's in South Jersey and Delaware. We might be a degree or few short of that in Philly if clouds don't lift enough...but we're optimistic they do so.

Winds will be light.