Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Squall Brings Quick Shot Of Rain, Some Wind

You might have not even known that the fall squall zipped through the region in the pre-dawn hours, even if you were awake during the 3 and 4 AM hours as it zipped on east through the Delaware Valley. The quick-moving line dropped less than a quarter of an inch of rain at Philadelphia's Airport, with a general tenth to two tenths of an inch of rain falling across the region as it moved through.

Fall squall as it moved through city just before 4 AM this morning.

Severe storm watches were out early this morning for the line due to its history and its potential to pull down damaging winds from a strong low level jet that was ahead of the frontal boundary. Some locations did pop 50 mile per hour wind gusts - all north of the city (which wasn't surprising since the jet was more robust north of the city) but most everyone had a gust to around 35 or above as the line moved through. Highest wind gusts (53 mph) occurred at Lancaster, Reading, and Mount Pocono. Philly gusted to 44 as the front moved through around 4 AM. Wind damage reports were scattered and mostly of the tree limb, wire down variety.

The line was the last gas remnants of what raced through the Midwest and Ohio Valley yesterday, producing over 80 tornado reports (that number probably comes down in the final analysis) and over 400 reports of wind damage which stretched from Iowa east to Pennsylvania.  The core of tornadic and severe weather activity was in Illinois and Indiana. In Illinois, the state's first EF-4 in November since accurate record keeping began in 1950 touched down in the southern part of the state, with severe weather killing at least six individuals in Illinois yesterday. Damaging winds also occurred in Ohio and in Western Pennsylvania, including a wind gust to 55 miles per hour as the front hit Pittsburgh and 56 mph in Cleveland last night.

Preliminary damage reports from yesterday and last night's severe weather event.