Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Snow Totals!

Granted, these totals are mere pittances of snow compared to what we've seen before but it is a first snowfall in Philadelphia. We picked up a trace as flurries flew and a flizzard lasted for a couple of hours this morning. Most locations locally didn't see much more than those flying flakes. Farther north had coating accumulations.

The golden broom belongs to Albrightsville in the Poconos, with 0.9" of snow this morning. Mahanoy City in Schuylkill County picked up 0.8" -- most spots above Blue Mountain and west through Central Pennsylvania picked up a coating to coating plus type accumulations this morning.

The bigger story is the chill that moved into the region -- take a look at these temperatures as the morning progresses. Highs today occurred in the pre-dawn hours, generally in the 50 degree range in many spots, before bottoming out in the lower and middle 30's during the mid morning. "Recovery" was minimal today after the low water mark was set around Noon.

For what it's worth, Philly's "high" was 52 degrees at 4:44 AM. The low for the day will probably come at Midnight.