Friday, November 15, 2013

Less Breeze, Filtered Sun, Touch Milder

The advance of high clouds as warmer air begins its push in from the west and southwest will yield a day that's a bit less chilled than yesterday, which itself was milder than Wednesday. We're stepping higher, gradually, with each successive day. It's a slow climb towards normal but we're working on it. Today gets us pretty close to that normal spot as temperatures by day's end get into the mid and upper 50's throughout the Delaware Valley, warmest in South Jersey and Delaware where sun will last longest.

Locally, expect an increase in high clouds from the west as the day progresses, with the sun gradually getting shrouded behind a veil of cirrus clouds later in the afternoon. I don't expect it to be totally cloudy but that type of November sky where the sun has the thin haze over it isn't able to fully shine through.

Warmer air will continue to ease in over the coming days as a storm system organizes and then marches northeast and east to impact us Sunday night into Monday.