Thursday, November 14, 2013

Less Chilled, Still Breezy

High pressure is passing to our south, setting up a west and west-southwest wind through the region. While we'll be breezy tomorrow, winds will gradually taper over the next couple of days as a milder airmass builds in.

Given the wind direction will not be from the north and drawing in colder air, we should moderate a fair amount in temperature tomorrow, with most spots pushing past 50 degrees by day's end. Given the wind trajectory is favorable for downslope conditions, we could see temperatures nudge into the mid 50's along I-95 for a high.  Skies will feature mostly sunny conditions overall with a few passing high clouds as milder air returns aloft.

Temperatures will continue to moderate in the coming days, with 60 possible by Saturday and 60's likely on Sunday in the Delaware Valley.