Saturday, November 30, 2013

Life Moves Pretty Fast

...if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.

It's rarely easy to make a tough decision. In my case, the decision to fundamentally change the course of this site was one that wasn't easy to make but one that is necessary.  I don't like letting things slip or trend in a direction that isn't good for quality for the site's brand. However, with the changes going on in life and the commitments that I have going on in my community, job, and family (not necessarily in that order), my commitment level to this site wouldn't be able to continue at the level that everyone is used to seeing.

I contemplated walking away from an active role with the site in late summer but had not decided to reach a final decision until getting back from my week of vacation in October. After some discussion and figuring out whether we could make things work with me in a reduced role, we realized that all of our paths in life were changing and our ability to cover for each other had become more difficult...and we realized aspects of the site were about to slip a bit in the coming weeks and months.

I'm not a fan of doing things at half speed -- I try to be fully in or fully out...and if I can't be fully in, I need to know what to cut out. Knowing that our team is stretched as well between school, life, work, it wasn't the easiest choice but it was the necessary choice to be made.

We're shuttering's blog aspects, effective today.  The content will remain through this blogspot domain so you're welcome to bounce in and read our old posts. Thanks be to Google for that.

Facebook and twitter are not going away -- I will remain on those and remain active. Writing a quick forecast and tweeting out weather information is still very much arenas I'm interested in as those are time-friendly. Unfortunately, the longer form writing is becoming tougher to pull off without a 3:30 AM date with a forty of coffee.

Tweets may not be as frequent but there will still be a fair amount of information sent out via social media. If you haven't followed us on twitter, do it. If you haven't liked us on Facebook, like us.

We are also tweaking and reimaging the look of our social media spaces, effective Sunday. If you visit, you get redirected to, which is a message board set up by a meteorologist and a weather enthusiast that are local to the area. The site provides really good weather discussion and we will link to event-specific discussion via's social media presence online.  The best part is that the said discussion is relatively low-hype and higher-brow, which is why working with them was a natural fit when I decided to change gears with the site's approach. has a number of National Weather Service meteorologists among their regular contributors, as well as other meteorologists and people who like weather like you and I do. Some of the discussion is probably a bit more technical than what you have seen here...and some of it is above my level of understanding...but it is a good site with good membership. So, yes, I encourage you to join in and enjoy the discussion. Those with the red colored names are meteorologists over there.

When I started in 2005, I didn't think the site would be as successful as it has been. We've had over three million page views, covered weather events with an independent and low-key presentation style that has helped to attract readers that don't need meteorologists screaming at them about "BIG STORMS ZOMG" coming their way, and had fun in the process. I've developed friendships with a number of you over the years because of this site and have been very blessed to work with a great team who puts up with my high expectations for reality forecasting and low hype. We may not have 800,000 followers on Facebook but I'd rather get a forecast right more often than not...and I think we've solidly accomplished that objective over the years.

Thank you Brian, Doug, Kevin, Mark, Matt, Ryan, and Jeannine for all of your contributions over the years.  Thanks also to my wife for her patience and tolerance in allowing me this space given the time commitments it took over the past several years. Lastly, thank you all for being a part of the ride in this space. Hope you learned something, hope you enjoyed the forecasts, the discussion, and me running my fingers (er, mouth) opining about all things weather.

As much as it isn't a good bye as much as it is a change of pace, it is also the closing of a pretty lengthy chapter of a book that continues on. That book just won't be in this space or this bandwidth any more...just through social confines. And it is my hope that you'll continue to follow us along.