Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 25th, 2013 Forecast

Throw an extra blanket on the bed tonight because it is going to get even colder than it already is!  Many suburbs will drop into the teens overnight, but the urban heat island effect should hold Philly right around 20.  Luckily, winds will diminish so the wind chill won't be as much of a factor.

Monday will be another cold day, but we won't be dealing with the gusty winds like we did today.  Look for bright sunshine with highs reaching the mid 30s for Philadelphia and points south and east.  The north and west suburbs may hold in the low 30s.

As our coastal storm inches closer, we'll have a gray day on Tuesday with some showers arriving in the afternoon.  North and west of Philadelphia, the showers could fall as snow or sleet, or a mixture of rain, snow, and sleet.  This won't really be anything to worry about.

The coastal storm will get here Wednesday, but luckily for us it'll be just a rain-maker.  This doesn't mean it won't cause problems locally for the biggest travel day of the year, but wintry precipitation would be much worse.  Unfortunately, if you're traveling north or west of Philadelphia, you will run into the snow.  As the precipitation ends Wednesday night, it could transition to a brief period of snow north and west of the city, but accumulations would be limited.

Beyond that, temperatures turn colder again but we should be dry through at least Sunday.  Thanksgiving Day itself will be breezy and cold if you're heading to the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia, so certainly dress warmly for that but leave the umbrella at home.
Monday Planner

Wake-Up:  21 degrees, Very Cold Start

Lunchtime:  32 degrees, Cold Sun

P.M. High:  35 degrees, Less Wind

Sunrise 6:57 AM
Sunset 4:39 PM