Monday, November 25, 2013

November 26th, 2013 Forecast

Clouds will increase tonight as our coastal storm approaches from the southwest.  The extra cloud cover will prevent temperatures from dropping as much as they did last night, so instead of most places being in the teens to around 20, we'll wake up to temperatures in the 20s to around 30.

Gray skies will greet us as we wake up Tuesday morning.  During the afternoon, the first batch of precipitation will enter our region, but it will be mainly light so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.  In Philadelphia and along the I-95 corridor, it'll fall as all rain.  North and west of I-95, especially in the Lehigh Valley, the precipitation will likely begin as snow, sleet, or a mixture of both before transitioning over to rain as milder air surges northward -- there likely won't be any snow or sleet accumulation before the changeover.  Highs on Tuesday will vary greatly depending on location, ranging from the upper 30s in Allentown to the mid 50s at the Shore.  Philadelphia should end up in the mid 40s.

Steadier precipitation will enter our region Tuesday night and last into Wednesday, the biggest travel day of the year.  Although it will only be a rain-maker for us, that doesn't mean it won't cause problems locally, but wintry precipitation would be much worse.  If you are traveling westward through the mountains of Central Pennsylvania or northward toward Central or Western New York, significant snow accumulation is possible.  As the precipitation ends Wednesday night, it could transition to a brief period of flurries or snow showers for the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys, but there would be little or no accumulation.

Beyond that, temperatures will turn colder again but we should be dry until at least Sunday.  Thanksgiving Day itself will be breezy and cold if you're heading to the parade in Philadelphia, so certainly dress warmly for that but leave the umbrella at home.
Tuesday Planner

Wake-Up:  32 degrees, Cold Start

Lunchtime:  40 degrees, Gray Skies

P.M. High:  44 degrees, Rain Showers, Snow/Sleet N/W

Sunrise 6:58 AM
Sunset 4:38 PM