Thursday, November 07, 2013

November 8th, 2013 Forecast

Showers will slowly march through the region with an associated cold front that'll drop temperatures tomorrow. The cold front already pushed through the far western suburbs and should punch through the rest of the area after the evening rush.  After the showers end, skies will begin to clear.  Lows tonight ranging in the mid- to upper 30's.  Winds will be out of the northwest at 5 to 10 mph.  For your Friday, skies will be mostly sunny, but as promised, much cooler.  Winds will also pick up, remaining out of the northwest.  Highs tomorrow in the lower 50 both in the city and towards the south and east.  To the north and west, highs will straddle the 50-degree mark.

Temperatures remain low on Saturday under partly cloudy skies and highs still in the lower 50's.  We get a nice bump on Sunday, bringing us back to near normal for this time of year under mostly sunny skies.  For Veterans Day, still a nice day, with temperatures dropping back into the mid-50's and sunny skies.  Any parades or festivities should go off with out a hitch, at least weather-wise. 

After Monday we'll start to see some possible changes.  We'll start Tuesday off with partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures, with highs not even getting into the 50's.  Clouds will begin to increase overnight.  Wednesday, temperatures remain cool as both the GFS and UK models hint at something.  Let me stress it's just a hint at the latter end of their model runs, for now.  Tom had a much more detailed post earlier today, regarding the possible storm system.  For now, let's just leave it at a possible coastal storm, but sun and clouds for now.  Whatever this storm system does will also affect Thursday, with a multitude of possibilities.  The good news for next Thursday is that temperatures will be up slightly, up to near 50-degrees.