Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Prospect For Some Flakes Later This Afternoon

Warmth has given way to an increasing chill through the Delaware Valley. After topping out in the low 60's this morning in the city, west and northwest breezes have knocked us back into a late November reality of chill. With lingering moisture around and a pulse of energy pushing northeast with this messy storm system, there is a chance of some flakes flying later today in parts of the region.

NAM's high resolution variant for 5 PM. Yes, the blue indicates snowfall.

This is a light precipitation and a low impact type of back edge of precipitation -- we should see showers and drizzle transition from liquid to frozen this afternoon across western areas and across higher elevations to our north, with that transition slowly marching east as the back edge of precipitation pushes northeast towards dinner. The transition to frozen should reach Philly towards dinner, with some flurries and light snow possibly flying around before precipitation winds down just after dinner.

Accumulations in the city are not likely, nor are they likely in most spots. Even the aggressive by historical standards NAM computer model is only hinting at coating type accumulations across the hills to our west and north. The Poconos and Blue Mountain would arguably stand the best chance of seeing that coating or coating plus accumulation towards evening, generally on yards and car tops.

That said, we could end up with a brief period of flakes flying in the city in bringing a more Christmas-like feel to Thanksgiving Eve. Consider this your "warning" -- but no need to run for salt, shovels, or bread on this one!