Friday, November 29, 2013

Tranquil Weather Into Next Week

By and large, relatively tranquil weather will dominate the Delaware Valley over the course of the next few days. It may not be perfectly ideal -- there could be some showers or drizzle around on Sunday and Monday, but we should skate through the next week with little in the way of active weather.

That changes at the end of next week.

First, a coastal low will organize off of the Carolinas late this weekend and push northeast, a bit too far to the east of us to cause any significant impacts. However, a few showers or a round of drizzle can't be ruled out Sunday and Monday as some energy interacts with the low and triggers some light precipitation a bit closer to the Jersey Shore.  Anything that does develop will be light and probably confined mostly to the Shore or just inland. It will probably keep clouds around for at least those two days despite not much, if anything at all, falling from the sky.

The next relatively active system in the pipeline is about a week out -- next Thursday into Friday appears to be the most likely timeframe. Given the general pattern supports a bit of a ridge of high pressure building aloft in the Eastern US next week as a trough digs down through the West, the result will be milder weather later next week (slightly above average, no 70's looming in sight at this point) in advance of this storm system.  Milder weather with a low pushing into Canada yields rain for us as it drags a cool front on through.

We should see temperatures get back into the 50's in the middle or latter parts of next week ahead of the front. It, like the chill over us now, won't last as we bounce back into a more chilled look for the second week of December.