Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Your PSA About This Evening's Snow & Snizzle

Today's been a slow, steady, arduous march back into chill after a brief flirtation with warmth early this morning, before many of you were awake. Over the last couple of hours, a few rounds of sleet and snow showers have been trying to mix in with precipitation as it lingers over the region. A steadier band of snow showers and/or mix (depending on location) is now pushing in. This is pushing northeast through the region along a pulse of energy. This deformation band will push through over the next few hours.

This evening will be littered with flakes flying and tweets over social media about the snowfall...but it doesn't look like we'll see much more than a coating type snowfall, if that.  The most aggressive modeling out there, the NAM, is showing a general coating type snow in hilly spots west and northwest of town. If anything, those coatings would probably occur on grassy spots, leaf piles, and on cars, not on roads.

This really should not be a big deal and impact on your travel locally but it serves as a reminder that winter is on the way, whether you like it or not.

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